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A place where citizens change the future together with the city.

It is not just a concept of city development. It is about how citizens perceive the development of the city and how they imagine it in the future. In the modern city, everything is open for further discussion. The result is a satisfied citizen and the development of the city in the right direction.

Key projects

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Benches in Schenley Park

Benches in Schenley Park

Open Benches in Schenley Park
Efficient waste management

Efficient waste management

Open Efficient waste management
Revitalization of the promenade

Revitalization of the promenade

In realization
Open Revitalization of the promenade
Kindergarten in the Oakland neighborhood

Kindergarten in the Oakland neighborhood

Open Kindergarten in the Oakland neighborhood

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Ucelené strategické oblasti

Prohlédnout strategii

We create our own strategy. We are not defined by what others do or don't do.

Cooperation with residents and local entities in the planning and implementation of strategic development projects is an essential prerequisite for improving the quality of life in the city.
However, it is also advisable to take into account the fact which topics and investment plans can be implemented in the city's conditions from a material, time and financial point of view.
The city therefore regularly updates the strategic plan with the help of residents.