The best of Pinsburg

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Together, we are working hard to make PinsBurg a great place to live and work.
We have results and we are not ashamed to show them off!


We have released an update to our ambitious Greenest City 2022 Action Plan


Bins for sorted waste placed in the premises of municipal schools


Let's teach students to think ecologically!


Registered associations
We support civic belonging

12mil. Kč

Annually to culture and sports
Sport for health, culture for intellect!

3 740km²

Extent of protected areas under PinsBurg administration


We insist on keeping our planet blue-green!!!


National Award for Digital Strategy
We are a city of the 22nd century

Pro lepší PinsBurg

In PinsBurg, we want to restore the faith of citizens, businesses, organizations and all other members of Pinsburg civil society that our city can be managed sensibly and economically. With respect and without hostility towards each other. Without discarding good ideas just because the other side says them. Our goal is an open and responsible economy, friendly to residents, employers, businesses and the non-profit sector.
Our commitment is to responsibly develop our city so that everyone can live well in it. The key for us is the support of families, children and active citizens of all generations - from improving the quality of education at primary school, through the support of all active associations to improving conditions for the elderly - for example, by building barrier-free housing.