City of PinsBurg 2022–2026

PinsBurg presents a strategic plan for the period 2022 to 2026.

Our successes are not by chance, but by deliberate design.

Sharing strategy allows us to collaborate with our great communities. The city therefore provides the best conditions for life, for everyone. Let's make the best life we ​​can, together!

Transparent city

Transparency and responsibility to citizens, easy access to information, a positive customer service experience, and meaningful opportunities to participate in the city's democratic processes. Creating transparent and accountable schemes is not just fashionable, it is necessary.

Efficient public services


Providing high-quality public services that reliably and efficiently meet the daily expectations of citizens. Implementing technology and innovation to improve finance, IT, human resources, facilities and other internal functions. Supporting active and passionate employees leads to higher productivity and workplace satisfaction.

A strong and resilient economy

In order to create a dynamic and prosperous city, it is necessary to support cooperation between the public and private sectors in order to create an attractive economic environment.

Sustainable environment and infrastructure


Creating well-planned, managed and cost-effective infrastructure and green spaces that can support long-term community needs. By promoting environmentally friendly practices - while promoting growth and development - fostering a beautiful community for future generations.

Safe and prosperous neighborhoods


Working with communities to create complete, connected, safe neighborhoods and pedestrian spaces. The city wants to encourage people to meet, interact and build relationships through inclusive programs, services, events and great public places.

Strategy for the development of non-motorized transport

Support for non-motorized transport improves conditions for all road users, creates conditions for the movement of cyclists, pedestrians, mothers with prams, seniors and the disabled.
The infrastructure of non-motorized transport serves transport, sports and recreation and active rest. It will support the development of tourism and lighten motor traffic.